Thursday, February 3, 2011


I might be switching viewers after all... I just updated Kirsten to S21 and it has adopted the viewer 2 layout! which is what I am used to know, so I'm happy. I haven't explored it fully but I did experiment with the settings. There are so much more options for graphics and photography. It seems to have everything I wanted.

I explored the Mon Tissu sim for the first time. It's really beautiful and perfect for taking pictures and I got to try out the Depth of Field!


Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: LoQ Breve
Cardigan: demiNa DesiGn [dD] Cardigan Navy
Shirt: SMS Prairie Blouse Light Brown
Shorts: Whippet & Buck Stein Tailored Shorts
Socks: Boom Folded Wool Socks white
Bag: Tres Blah Tres Blah Tote Bag
Shoes: Shiny Things Delphine Pumps [group gift]


  1. Great photo up in a balloon! I didn't know there was a balloon there. I went flying around there one day and found some paths and a pond but no balloon.

    I know on SL Viewer 2.0 there is a setting to click on under the developer shadows to make the shadows smoother. Forgot what it's called and I'm at work right now. shhhh ;)

  2. there are two balloons up there! Mon Tissu is such a colorful place to photograph. I <3 it. I just switched to Kirsten but I didn't know there was a setting in viewer 2! interesting :)

  3. It's called SSAO and Shadow Smoothing.

  4. someone told me about your blog and I realy love it! you have a cute style and you take stunning pics. I hope it is okay I put you on my blogroll so I can check your blog out more :)

    Strawberry Feiri

  5. thank you so much Strawberry :) it is absolutely okay! I will add you as well. :D