Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Photography

I really enjoy SL photography... for my blog I usually concentrate on photographing the clothing because that is what a fashion blog is for... I appreciate those who take conceptual photographs for their blog but in some cases I find it a bit distracting. It really all depends on the photographer. However, I do wonder how other people feel about blog photography. Would you like to see me take a more artistic approach? Even though it is more time consuming, I would consider it if I thought the majority would like it more. hmmm...

oh, this photograph I tried the Kirsten viewer. I shouldn't have done that! I think I like Kirsten photos better. I don't want to switch viewers again :( and I don't want to use two different viewers either. grrr.

Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: Truth Billie
Tank: Zaara : Yauvani tank full *gold*
Shorts: Beetlebones sculpted summer shorts in denim
Tights: Riddle Cozy Tights - Aqua
Shoes: Shiny Things Delphine Pumps [group gift]


  1. noooo. i love yours as is. i love clean simple photos. i wish i could do what you do.

    artsy is nice to look at though.

  2. Do what you like to do and what makes you happy. :D

    Love the outfit, great colors!

  3. i'm a big fan of your work ... whatever you decide to do :) I will say that I think you do such a great job, I would love to see something along the conceptual lines occasionally.... but yeah -- do what you enjoy .. that's really the whole point :)

  4. i kind of hoped that was the response i would get. i felt like i needed to prove a point... i feel like there are people who think there is only one right way of doing things, but i completely disagree and I guess i just needed a little reassurance.

    you guys are great! it's really nice to be appreciated :) thank you.

  5. May I ask, where do you take your pics for the white background? I don't know where to go to get a solid background and still have shadows and I don't know how to build things.

  6. it's actually just one box prim stretched out with a blank texture. and then i have one underneath to stand on. ill send you a copy :)

  7. Oh, thx so much! I would appreciate it! I just bought a white infinity curve from the marketplace for 10L but my shadow is distored from the curve and when looking at the photos there are lines in the white wall. :\

  8. Demi, you have an amazing eye. So, you should do whatever inspires you. You may feel that just using a white background isn't perceived as artistic, but it is. Your composition, style, fashion and angles, all make-up one fabulous piece. I go trough the same thing. I am always switching my approach, becuase I have no idea what looks good to others after awhile. I love that you have remained consistent, while still keeping your posts ^^ exciting, as well as improving as a blogger.

  9. thank you Lila, you made my day :) sometimes people say things that just ring in my head... i know i shouldn't let it get to me but i do. you're right though! thanks for commenting :D

  10. I like the plain is all about the clothes! (and hair, and eyes, and skin)

  11. my sentiments exactly :) thanks Stormy!