Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yay, for new stuff!


I went shopping! I got... the most fabulous necklace from League . I can't believe how detailed and beautiful this necklace is.. I love it! and this sweater from Fishy Strawberry is so pretty, it has a really nice detailed lace pattern on the sleeves and on the back. I love the overall texture. I got a new skin too! It has a cute sweet face, the lips are what sold me on it, they are my favorite color for lips and it was only 300L from Mothergoose. Yay, for new stuff :D


Skin: Mothergoose HENA1
Hair: elikatira Comfort - Golden Browns
Sweater: Fishy Strawberry Lace Details Sweater - Turquoise
Pants: - Rolled.Cargos (Gray)
Shoes: Tokidoki le ballerina shines - black
Necklace: League Kandula Necklace -Silver
Lashes: Mozz Tattoo Layer Eyelashes


  1. Omg that necklace is really something ,love it,looks great on you!I added your blog to my blogroll and i can t wait to see new posts:P

  2. I agree with Ruby on the necklace, love it! You look so cute with this hair... Need to get used on this skin on you though...

  3. thanks Kaelyn, I don't plan on wearing this skin all the time... I just feel like changing things up every now and then. I get tired of wearing the same skin all the time :)