Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh... so that's how it is?

I just have a few things to say.....

Sometimes I look at this blog and think that I'm just posting this stuff and nobody sees it, or thinks it's any good. I can see the number of views I get, but they look like nothing more than just a number. I don't write often because I don't know that people will always agree with... or want to hear what I have to say. but I've decided to say what I want regardless of these things. There is a lot of freedom in just saying what you want... I feel like the response might reflect what kind of person I am or that it makes me vulnerable. I might be a cynical person... but I just want to by myself. So I will be.

Today, people were unusually random... which wasn't a bad thing, it was sort of refreshing.

Skin: Tres Blah {Pale} Blessa: Slow
Hair: Truth Rose >dark blondes<
Jacket: Nylon Outfitters Chunky Cardi - Black/White
Shirt: COCO _SleevelessBlouse&Cuff_White
Tights: Armidi/Gisaci - Metallic Tights [White]

Radiohead - "Like Spinning Plates"


  1. I really like your blog :) I usually dont have the time to leave comments but i do enjoy seeing your posts <33 Leah

  2. Thanks Leah, I really don't expect anyone to comment... I don't comment on blogs usually either. but! I am happy to hear that. so thank you :D

  3. I completely understand how you feel. Whenever I am writing a post, I always think, "Is anyone even going to read this?" "And if they do, will they even care?". But the whole point of blogging is to express your views and opinions, whether it be through pictures or words. I actually prefer both. Anyway, suffice to say, I think you have an amazing blog and an incredible talent for styling and creating beautiful pictures. I certainly would find it interesting and refreshing for you to add your own personal feelings and opinions to your posts as well. It's always a pleasure to read honest and candid commentary. Okay, now I am just rambling...*LOL*

  4. Thanks Lila! I was hoping there was someone who felt the same way... I really appreciate your words :) I'm glad I published this post now :D