Saturday, May 14, 2011


I bought a new skin! Lavender from the body co. I'm kind of surprised that all I got for 1500L was a skin and shape, and I don't wear other shapes so... I got a skin. I wish there would have been more things included for that price. But I do really like the skin. The lips are so pretty and it's hard for me to find a skin that looks good in SL shadows, on my shape.

Also, I just released a new sports bra at *BOOM* . There have been a few times I've searched for a cute one and I haven't found any, so I made some. :)



Skin: the body co. Lavender (02 Ivory)
Hair: elikatira Later - Golden Browns
Shirt: NINIKO BIG SHIRTS(stripe-white)
Undershirt: *BOOM* sports bra (cottoncandy)
Pants: *BOOM* sweatpants (pink)


  1. I agree with you.. The skin is very expensive for just two skins inside + a shape.. But its really very well made and realistic...

  2. true dat! can't wait to see what it looks like on you!