Tuesday, January 11, 2011

shhh... don't tell

there's a new release from The Secret Store! perfect little scarf belts that come in a variety of different colors.

i love this new shirt i got from a store i stumbled upon one day called izm. only it doesn't have a pant or underwear layer... and because i wanted to wear a jacket over it, it ended up showing my belly. but! this new scarf belt covers that area perfectly, yay!

on a side note. today was my first day of classes for the spring semester. which means, i probably won't be posting as often as i normally do. but! i do plan to continue blogging :)

Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: LoQ Hairs" Grappa Pieva For Woman Brown Pack (NEW)
Shirt: izm.flower shirt
Jacket: AMD - The Zone Jackets – Black (75L Sale)
Pants: Modd.G Cigarette Pants Grey
Belt: The Secret Store - Scarf Belt – Black (NEW)
Shoes: elikatira Millside Flats - Brick/Mushroom (VIP Exclusive)
Eyeshadow: Chelle Smoke Basics - denim
Eyelashes: Mozz Tattoo Layer Eyelashes - 02


  1. You look so cute and punky! I -need- that hair...and belt.

    Btw, I will track you down if you go *poof* Just fyi. :oP

  2. thanks! <3 i love this hair too. oh and i never leave without saying goodbye. and if i do leave, i always come back... so no worries :D but you're welcome to stuck me if you must :P

  3. So, so, so cute!! I completely understand about classes. I'm in graduate school and I have a full time job. Blah. :-/ Good luck with your classes this semester!!!

  4. oops i totally meant to say stock not stuck lol!

    thanks Lashae! sounds like you have quite the heavy load :/ good luck with your classes as well :D