Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Hate Winter...

I haven't been around much on plurk or Second Life lately... I haven't really been inspired to do much. Maybe it's because the weather is getting to me... I've probably said this before but I hate winter. Everything is covered in white and the sky is almost always grey. I love color! and my surroundings have a great effect on my mood. I've also just been spending a lot of time working on stuff for school and my internship this semester. All work and no play... I think I need a vacation.

Anyways... about the outfit. The adorable bow in my hair is included with the sweater. The sweater is from MNK, it's so cute and can be worn in many different lengths. I also bought out the model pose packs there... they are each 20L for a pack of 5. I think I got 8 packs all together, so 40 poses for 160L, what a great deal!

Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: sixty nine GISUC - Mocha Collection
Sweater: MNK - RibbonRibbon_Knit(navy)**nikukyu**
Skirt: SMS Simple Skirt Grey
Tights: The sea hole _white Polkadot tights
Shoes: Mon Tissu Cottage Flats ~ Mustard

Makeup found at Kozmetica
Eyeliner: Boom Express Liner
Mascara: Mozz Lashes - 04


  1. I hate winter too. I actually just changed my house and landscaping all to spring stuff this week to at least have some sort of reprieve and it's really helping! It's so beautiful with all of the flowers and bold colors. Maybe you should consider doing the same! : D

  2. i don't have unlimited prim use like i used to have... and i can't bring myself to spend the money on a plot of land :) so my 50 prim limit sky pad is furnished with sculpted grass and flowers... a bed that hangs from the ceiling and a picnic table with my laptop. lol. it's been that way all summer.

  3. that's very sweet of you to say :D thank you!