Thursday, January 6, 2011

all dolled up!

wow, i don't even look like me today! the skin i wear on a regular basis is pretty neutral when it comes to makeup... so i thought i would give the new tattoo layers a shot with it. i've never liked prim lashes... they never fit right or they always end up coming off when trying on accessories, they were just a pain imo. so i am really lovin' these tattoo layer lashes and you can get a 10 pack of them for 100L at Mozz. I also picked up some cheap eyeshadow there.

honestly i thought i would never get used to SL viewer 2... i kept going back and forth with it and i felt totally lost when trying to do stuff i regularly do. but ever since i got my new graphics card and i've been doing these posts with shadows, i've actually gotten used to the navigation... good thing too because i don't think i could live without multiple tattoo layers.

Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Xue-Fair
Hair: sixty nine SMINC - Ash Brown Collection
Dress: Doppleganger Inc. Mainstore Opening Gift!
Vest: KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Drape Vest *Gray*
Scarf: Ume Mode Stole_Lace [Gray]
Eyeshadow: Mozz Cosmetics - Glittery Smokey Eye
Lashes: Mozz Tattoo Layer Eyelashes

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