Saturday, December 11, 2010


I've been playing with shadows in the Phoenix viewer but the only problem is... whenever I take a snapshot of myself, it comes out black. If anyone has any suggestions about this please feel free to comment. I am determined! My computer was only built a little over 2 years ago, is it time for a new graphics card already I wonder!? hmmpft!

Skin: Laqroki ~ Phoebe [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: Truth Emily - light blondes
Shirt: NINIKO BIG SHIRTS(stripe-white)
Jumper: Dutch Touch SiSke JumpSuit - Denim
Socks: fore Narcissus Class - silver
Shoes: - Basic Flats (Red)


  1. Hi Ophelia!! First of all, your style is adorable today!! And about the shadows, I sugest you to use another viewer. I use shadows easily with Kirstens or SL Viewer2. In other viewers my shots gets black too. Kisses <3

  2. Thank you!! for the compliment, and for your advice :D