Tuesday, August 10, 2010


NEW!! Amacci hair in 3 styles, with the only difference being the bangs. So! you can chose according to how you like your bangs or if you can't decide... just buy all 3 :D This is how I sometimes wear my hair in RL, except I wish my hair was thick and wavy like these.

250L per pack
900L fatpack

side note: I can't decide if I prefer in-world shadows when I do my posts or not... I guess I haven't quite mastered the shadows. your opinion is welcome. :)


Amacci Hair Lara ~ Dark Copper
Amacci Hair Liana ~ Onyx (looks best with hair base)
Amacci Hair Lena ~ Hazelnut

Skin: Atomic Skin Audri_Porcelain - Pansies
Hoodie: Zoobong Zhood (green) (note: this was made for male avatars and requires advanced editing.)
Shorts: Nyte'N'Day Clothing - Phoe Shorts - Solid Black

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