Sunday, July 18, 2010


i remember having a conversation with my friend Poppy about crocks. I personally don't see the appeal in rubber shoes... and I told her I thought they were ugly, so being the best, caring, loving person that she is... she bought me a pair in SL!! except these are called Kerocs. only in SL.... lol. thanks Poppy! ❤

...and of course I must mention the Summer of Love Fair. Most of the items donate a good portion if not all of the proceeds to different causes. There are question marks scattered through-out containing information on behavioral disorders and ways to get help. Such a generous benefit... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :D The shirt below I got for free as a result of clicking on one of the question marks. it's kind of hard to read in the pic it says "I feel fearful"

Skin: Curio Petal-Cupid-Lavish
Hair: Dernier Cri Holly - Blonde Shades
Shirt: SOL Fair Info Point - Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Waist: SEY Maki2 hoodie_v3[check]
Shorts: Maitreya Jeans Shorts - Faded
Socks: Boom Cuffed Socks (white)
Shoes: CHABINNS -kerocs-gacha-001

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