Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Amacci Skins - Helen

yes i know! I can't believe how beautiful these skins are too! :) And not only that but the creator, Carina Larsen, didn't miss a thing when she made them. There truly is something for everyone.... starting with a variety of different makeups and skin tones, the hairbases come in blonde, brunette, and red! And there is also an option for cleavage/no cleavage :) So much attention to detail takes a lot of time and patience.... and all that hard work is definitely appreciated!

...I love a good skin and it's been a long time since I saw one and thought, omg I have to have that! It has everything I like in a skin. Beautiful, realistic lips and lip colors. An adorable nose (very important). Nice wide eyes and subtle eye makeup. The eyebrows are perfect.... I could go on and on. but im sure you can see for yourself.

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Amacci Skins - Helen - Fresh Carnival (exclusive offer 125L)

middle (left to right)
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 03 Day
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Fresh BR) - 06 Posh
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Rose Red) - 04 Blush
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Nutmeg BR) - 08 Cherry
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Bronze Black) - 02 Pink
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Cocoa Black)) - 05 Red

bottom (left to right)
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 01 Natural
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 02 Pink
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 03 Day
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 04 Blush
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 05 Red
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 06 Posh
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 07 Soft
Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Pale BL) - 08 Cherry

I'm wearing...
Hair: >TRUTH Hair<>light blondes<
Eyes: poetic colors eyes - summer wheat (free.good shit hunt)
Shape: [dD]demiNa DesiGn - Shape Sophia

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